The Process

This is how we do it.

Step One: Free Inspection

An estimator will come out to your home and do a full inspection absolutely FREE and consult with you about any other needs or concerns you have.

Step Two: Insurance Management

If you need help figuring out whether or not your insurance will cover your roof repair, leave it to us. We will handle the insurance process and help you settle your insurance claims.

Step Three: Design and Consultation

We will meet with you and determine what roofing system will be best for your home.

We do:

  • Tear offs
  • Layovers
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Steel roofs
  • Flat rubber roofs
  • Standing seam roofs (exposed and concealed fasteners)
  • Custom copper flashing work

Step Four: Pre-Construction Walkthrough

before we get started, we will do a complete and thorough inspection to make sure that every need and minor issue is covered.

Step Five: Installation or Repair

Our roofing experts will complete your project with the greatest attention to detail that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And don’t worry about a mess. We keep our worksites clean and organized.

Step Six: Clean Up, Final Inspection, and Complete Protection

We will go through the entire inspection with you so that you can be reassured that you are receiving the highest quality work on your most valuable asset. When we are done, we will then clean up our work site to a manner that is better than how we found it.